3.2"Help! 3.2" Capacitive Touch Panel wiith Controller FT6236

Hi all. I recently purchased http://www.buydisplay.com/default/3-2-inch-ta-touch-panel-wiith-controller-ft6236-for-240x320-dots By using the datasheet for 4 wire and a post I found using the 2.8" version I pieced together the lcd/shield via jumper wires to my uno.

I added an example the libraries that came with it plus wire that I downloaded. It compiled and uploaded but I get a white screen then it times out.

Pretty sure it's the wiring. One thing I'm not sure of it's the ss. Where would I connect that on the lcd? Is there better libraries I should be using?

I don't have the pinout handy atm that I used but I can get it after work.

Can someone post a pic of the pins they use for 4 wire on the uno?