3D model for standard LCD in Proteus Ares

Hello guys and gals,

I am working on a laser Transceiver for a crude chat module and I have arrived at the PCB design part of things. I can't seem to find a library that has the one line pin layout of a standard hobbyist LCD module (something like this)

Neither the pin layout (since it's two columns in Proteus Ares) and neither a library with the 3D model of the component, as I also plan to render the final form of the PCB.

I was looking for something like the person in the last comment ('cyberponk') of this thread did for the Arduino Micro, but just for and LCD module.

A simple 3D model as this one is good enough for me (just with 14 total pins).

I've search all over the place, but no success so far. Do you have any tips regarding this?

//I am using LM016L as the simulation component

//I have very little to no component design or 3D modeling skills, so sadly i can't do it on my own

Any help is appreciated very much. Thank you :smiley:

if anyone is interested, i have found the last part of this tutorial to be particularly useful:

i have also been able to add custom file to laser diode and photodiode for my project.
Hope this helps others down the line