Accelerometer bar graphs on an oled & touchscreen

Here's a video of a bar graph displaying in real-time the output of an accelerometer. The coordinates are read through the Arduino base, and then passed through to the TouchShield. All the code for the application is like ~30 lines. I'm still working with Chris on a version that shows both X and Y values separately, since this one only shows a cumulative G force calculation:

...and here's a video of the Arduino with a simple application to show off what a touch screen looks like - it kinda feels like plug and play, but not really:

I was actually looking into something like this. would you mind sharing the code so I can get a feel for what I need to do.

Sweet Open Hardware Bank idea (followed the link on youtube)! I can really see how this can really get big quick. Wired just need to run another article on this and it can start snowballing like crazy.

If I didn't already buy all the parts for this sort of project I would invest in it too!