Alexa controlled servo

Heres my ‘Alexa-controlled’ servo driver, could be used for anything where a simple movement is needed - close the blinds, bolt the door, kick the cat, prod the dog:

The project relies on Kakopappa’s excellent code which emulates a commercial Belkin Wemo switch. He snooped the traffic between a real Wemo and Alexa, and by recreating the appropriate responses with clever code, he has managed to convince Alexa that she’s controlling a Wemo switch.
The only drawback of this approach is the fixed dialogue - “Alexa, turn XYZ off” and “Alexa, turn XYZ on” but its perfect for two-state applications.

By the way, are there any Sci-Fi fans here who enjoy “The Hundred” on TV? We’ve deviated a long, long way from Kass Morgan’s books haven’t we?

Well, I imagine Alexa to look like Ali the ‘evil’ AI who (it transpires) actually had our best interests at heart …

esp8266_servo_philg.ino (9.69 KB)

Very impressive. I haven't started experimenting with the ESP8266 yet, but this is on the to do list! How do you go about setting up the Alexa side of the project?

As you know a lot about servos, could you recommend a couple of decent devices to get started with? If I wanted this to control a venetian blind control rod, I would need a servo that could rotate say 2 revolutions when enabled. Is that possible with a servo?

Thats neat… do you have a link to Kakopappa’s code?

Did someone know how to make this script detected by the new gen of echo ?