AMD64 Windows 7 64bit Arduino Uno R3 driver installation problem

New to Arduino and very frustrated with installing the drivers for my UNO R3.
To start:
Yes, I've read the troubleshooting FAQ
Yes, Tried different USB cables
Yes, I've contacted my reseller and have two separate Uno R3
Yes, I've been all over the Forums
Yes, I can get drivers to install and I can see the card in the IDE if I install the device as a COM device.
No, the "blink" sketch will not upload -- Cannot see device COM 3 access denied.
Yes, I've changed the COM port number 3--10 without success
Yes, I've tried older drivers
Yes, I've used the downloaded and used latest ftdbus drivers dpinst-amd64 driver pk gives me the Com device that at least shows up in the IDE but is worthless after a reboot because the USB is not recognized and tries to install a base device under the "Other" heading.

Is there any other suggestions I can try. Can't buy a new computer.