Anyone know anything about HC-35 ?

I've searched and searched the internet for any information on this thing. The only thing I find is about 10 sites for AliExpress selling it. Normally I'd never purchase this thing, but it was one of several pieces that came with an uno kit i purchased and the geek in me just needs to figure it out and then I will probably put it to rest and never use it again.

I gave it power just to see if one of the eight led's would show life with any of the buttons, but I was sadly mistaken.

Literally any information would be satisfying at this point, so thank you in advance if you want to share your experience with it!



Literally any information would be satisfying at this point

I doubt that. I googled HC-35. Google thinks it's a paint color by Benjamin Moore. I doubt that that was what was in your kit. You're really going to need to narrow it down a bit.



I googled ‘Arduino “hc-35” module’ …quotes on the hc-35 because it was pulling up every other arduino module ever except this one so I needed to specifically find sites on that particular module.