Arduino and LED pixel controller

Hello, my name is Flo and I’m building a 32x32 LED pixel display using RGB pixels with IC/TM1903 chip and as LED pixel controller I have the T-4000S. Until now all is clear :slight_smile: . Beside preconfigured animation I want to display sensor data (temperature, humidity, time, date, etc.) does anybody know how could I accomplish this?
P.S. I have attached a picture of the T-4000S controller
Thank you in advance for your advice

The T4000 appears to be a self-contained unit, there is not really a way to control it via Arduino.

The TM1903 appears to be an LED driver chip similar to WS2811, but without a datasheet for TM1903 it's hard to tell (I didn't find one).

Hooking up a scope to the output of the T4000 might give you some clues.

Ah, so of course FastLED is the library for driving LEDs. GitHub - FastLED/FastLED: The FastLED library for colored LED animation on Arduino. Please direct questions/requests for help to the FastLED Reddit community: We'd like to use github "issues" just for tracking library bugs / enhancements.

It already supports 1903 driver chips so it should be a simple matter of wiring, no scope required!

yes, of course, I've tried that allready, just for fun. I have made a small 16x16 led pannel to test with Arduino. One question though: is Arduino fast enough to drive a 32x32 led pannel at 24 fps? and besides writing and simple animation I don't know much on the Arduino :~ (that's mainly why I bought a controller)
Thank you for your support

Hello guys, I have completed my build quite a while ago, and I ran into a problem.
The display works great with the T 4000 controller, but when I use Arduino UNO tu run it with FastLED I can only run 512 LEDs out of the 1024
Does anybody know why is that?
Thank you
The LEDs are UCS1903 ( crappy... :slight_smile: )


My guess would be that the Uno has run out of RAM memory. Each rgb pixel will probably need 3 bytes of ram. 512 pixels would need 1.5Kbytes and 1024 pixels would need 3Kbytes. The Uno has only 2Kbytes and not all of that will be available. There is no easy way to add more ram to an Uno.

Suggest you consider an Arduino Mega, a Teensy 2.0++ / 3.1 or similar that is Arduino compatible and has more ram. You need to investigate which will be compatible with the libraries you are using, or has an alternative library available that you could adapt your sketch to use.


thank you for the suggestion, I'll try to run it on the mega
I thought it was something wrong with the FastLED and couldn't run the UCS1903 in High-Speed mode
have fun

hello, and thank you PaulRB my arduino Mega just came in to the mail, I've tried it and it works like a charm :slight_smile:
hmmm... could I use it to display flash animations on my LED display?
If you have any ideea how to do that (maybe references to some posts, etc) don't hesitate to write :slight_smile:
Thank you again :smiley: bye

Hi Flo, I'm glad the Mega worked for you. Not sure what you mean by "flash animations" tho... like in a browser?

:)), it made sense in my head when I wrote it... I was wondering if I could use the arduino mega as a led controller like the T1000, or T-4000... I want to create graphical effects using some LED programming software (ex LEDedit), load them on a SD card and play them back on the LED display using the Arduino Mega
Sorry for the lack of pictures... I'm having a really busy period at work (12-16 hours/day) but it'll be over soon (I hope :slight_smile: )
I'll post some A.S.A.P.

If you are looking for 2D animations, check thist out:

All you see there is driven by an Arduino Mega2560.

A lot of basic helper functions and animations I published here:

Are you still interested in flash stuff? :wink: