Arduino-IDE 1.8.5 - fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or directory

Hi all,
I need some help please,
because I read last days so many topics an test all of them, but I cant solve
the compile error: fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or dirctory.

Here some infos about my enviroment:
OS: OpenSuse Leap 42.3
Arduino-IDE: 1.8.5
Groupadd: done
Board: Mega 2560, be connected → ok
My knowings: userlevel :wink:

From other posts I try to install the IDE from other repos, zip-files,
reinstall the avr-libc, cross-avr-gcc and so on, but nothing solve the problem.

If I add in the Arduino.h the whole path in the include (for example #include <**/usr/avr/sys-root/include/**stdlib.h>) the compiler exit in the next line of Arduino.h.

To add the directory to the %PATH% also didn’t solve the error
and there is no breakthrough whether I am logged in as user or admin.

Can anybody help me please (or of course to all who have the same problem) ?

Hi ieee488,
thanks a lot for your reply. It works now.

The only difference between your and my done where
that I used the last selection to extract the tar file: ‘extract here, determine subfolder by self’.

If I use the first selection ‘extract here’ then the compile run without any errors.

Thanks a lot !

Best regards, Bernhard.