Arduino IDE serial port not recognizing Grand Central M4

I just downloaded the Arduino IDE and have installed all necessary packages by following the lesson (Using with Arduino IDE | Introducing the Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express | Adafruit Learning System).

When I go to the 'Blink' section about half way on the page it tells me to "Plug in the M0 or M4 board, and wait for it to be recognized by the OS (just takes a few seconds). It will create a serial/COM port, you can now select it from the drop-down, it'll even be 'indicated' as Trinket/Gemma/Metro/Feather/ItsyBitsy/Trellis!". I do exactly that, but I see nothing new in my 'Serial Ports' drop down.

Any suggestions?

Hi kgrove

Try double tapping the reset button, (two taps in quick succession). This will put the SAMD51 microcontroller into bootloader mode. The USB connection will reenumerate. Reselect the new port from the Arduino IDE tools menu and then try to upload the "Blink" sketch once more.

Thereafter you should be able to upload sketches normally.

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