Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 - soldered Pins

Hello all,
I got the above mentioned shield today. 2 tiller/pins are soldered (-> RESET with IOREF), which will be connected to Arduino Uno Rev3 by putting both boards together .
The connected solder looks "not intended", that is my impression.
I think it is a production defect.

Can you guys confirm that these both pins RESET + IOREF should not be connected regularly ?

I would like to upload a picture, but as a new user I am not allowed to do so....

Thanks and greetings

Anyone owning such a shield can just confirm?

Clearly a minor defect and easily fixed.
That is not proper soldering and I would call it a "whisker"
Just remove it with a soldering iron or scrape it off.

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Cheers for confirmation!

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