Arduino Nano Output pins are not working

Built in LED of arduino nano is working fine. But output pins are not working at all! No output voltage from any of the pins! I have soldered this for the first time but to be honest, I m pretty sure that this is not blown because microcontroller is working fine which I can see in Serial Monitor! What can be a problem?

LED is not blown, it is working with Arduino UNO perfectly, I have checked the basic things
If LED is not blown, microcontroller is not blown...

where is the current limiting resistor for your LED? :grimacing: :cold_face:

and when you've added the resistor, make sure the LED connected the right way? (Anode to +3.3V)

(double check also that the rails on the side of your breadboard are running across all the way and not just small sections that stop at the breaking space)

You did not use

pinMode(yourPin, OUTPUT);

if I see the pins right, the LED is connected directly to 3.3V and GND so there is no code needed

The soldering job looks very unreliable. You should try to and touch it up a bit to get a nice clean fillet (do some research to learn what that means). Add flux if you have it. It takes a bit of practice, and is more difficult if the solder is not of good quality or the soldering iron is not suitable.

Did you use the same connections on the Uno? LEDs have polarity, so if you connect the wires backwards, it won't turn on.

I was misled by the title "Arduino Nano Output pins are not working".

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I think you need to do a better job with your soldering .
Most of those joints will definitely have no connection.

Also you need a current limit resistor in series with the LED.

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First of all, Sorry to not following rules n regulations, I will make this better.
Secondly, The same LED is working perfectly fine on 5v on arduino uno, so thats not a problem about resistor and limit current for sure,
Thirdly, code is not needed because it is connected directly to 3v3,

So looking at the current scenario, I will do the soldering again, and before soldering I will check it without any solder!

PS:- not a single pin is working, I have tried this using the code.

Have you tried swapping the LED around, it will only work with current going through it one way.
Even with 3V3 you need a current limit resistor.
You will be pulling excessive current from the 3V3 pin.

Do you have a DMM?

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

hello everyone, Cant thank you guys enough for so much quick response and logical help!

Problem has been solved, my soldering was so bad :rofl:

Love all of you from India!

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