arduino sized project box?

What kind of project boxes have you all put your arduino boards in?

It seems like the NG all by itself fits in an altoids tin, but there’s not room for much else.

I’d like to find something similar that would have room for at most, the protoshield from sparkfun, with headers and breadboard. (about 30mm max)

Has anyone come up with a good idea?

Not having used any of the products myself, but seems to have some nice waterproof cases

I've always found cigar boxes to look quite classy :)

I'm using a Cohiba cigar box (unaviable in the states for obvious reasons...)

a filled box had costed about 650 euro, but i got it empty and for free. ;)

I'ts quite big, about 25x20x5cm. I've made the solder side of the arduino flat with some hot glue and attached velcron so the arduino can be taken of the lid. Yes, i've attached the breadboard and Arduino to the lid, so in closed position the stuff is hanging. the bottom of the box is filled with spare wires, resistors, ic's, leds and the like, and of course the usb cable...

When the box is opened the lid is under a angle so the Arduino and breadboard are easy accessable. Very transportable. if i have to move the setup, i only have to disconnect the varous sensors and externals.

cool! what are you doing with those box projects? are they general prototyping setups or have you dedicated them to a specific purpose?

I'd like to get mine to fit within a smallish box for temporary projects.. as yet, the lack of definition of those projects has lead to not knowing what size it should be. : )

It is a general prototiping setup. at the moment it's connected to a rotary dial of a phone and some proximity sensors.