Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 + TFT LCD Touchscreen

I'm using an Arduino Uno WiFi Rev 2 and a 2.8inch TFT LCD Touchscreen from Adafruit ( 2.8 TFT Touch Shield for Arduino with Resistive Touch Screen : ID 1651 : $34.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits ). I'm using the Arduino Software IDE 1.8.13 and installed all the libraries that the tutorial on Adafruits Website ( Arduino Graphics Test | Adafruit 2.8" TFT Touch Shield v2 - Capacitive or Resistive | Adafruit Learning System ) told me to. To test my touchscreen I tried to run the example sketch from the Adafruit library "ILI9341" called "graphictest". The Code compiles fine but when I upload it I get the following Message:
avrdude: WARNING: invalid value for unused bits in fuse "fuse5", should be set to 1 according to datasheet
This behaviour is deprecated and will result in an error in future version
You probably want to use 0xcd instead of 0xc9 (double check with your datasheet first).

On another topic, I read that this is just a warning and it should work fine anyway, but my TFT screen just stays white and nothing happens after uploading. How do I get my Display to work?

First off. Please edit your links. You have extraneous ) and . at the end.

I don't have a Arduino Uno WiFi Rev 2. The Arduino website does not seem to have a schematic. But I found this pinout.

So you need to cut the solder-bridge links for 11, 12, 13 as shown on the Shield pcb for Leo. So that your shield can use the 3x2 SPI / ICSP header.
Then I assume that Adafruit libraries would work with Adafruit products.

If not, report back here. And report to Adafruit too.


Hello David
First off. Thank you for your quick response. :slight_smile:
Attached you see a picture of my Shield from the back. If I understood you correctly the solder bridges circled in red need to be cut. Although on my board they are already cut or am I missing something?

Ah-ha. Your pcb is different to the photos in the Adafruit link.

So yes, it looks as if it defaults to the 3x2 header. You do not need to change anything.

I suggest that you plug the shield into a regular Uno, Mega, Leo, Zero, …
it should work fine.

I don’t have a Wifi Rev 2. I don’t have an Adafruit 2.8inch TFT LCD Touchscreen
But I have used Adafruit_ILI9341 library on Red Chinese SPI displays with different Arduino boards.

Please post the output from Serial Terminal when you run graphictest.ino example.


Unfortunately, I don't have any other Arduino. It's for a school project where I have to send commands from a touchscreen over WiFi to a Computer. I don't have much experience with microcontrollers but the Arduino WiFi Rev 2 seemed to be the most convenient solution for my Project.

Terminal Monitor shows the following text:

ILI9341 Test!
Display Power Mode: 0xFF
Pixel Format: 0xFF
Image Format: 0xFF
Self Diagnostic: 0xFF
Benchmark Time (microseconds)
Screen fill 1548964
Text 168436
Lines 1340980
Horiz/Vert Lines 133116
Rectangles (outline) 86516
Rectangles (filled) 3215900
Circles (filled) 493388
Circles (outline) 574080
Triangles (outline) 297768
Triangles (filled) 1377264
Rounded rects (outline) 232424
Rounded rects (filled) 3236028

Display Power Mode: 0xFF
Pixel Format: 0xFF
Image Format: 0xFF
Self Diagnostic: 0xFF

That shows that the SPI interface is not working. But since I don't have the Adafruit shield schematic, I don't know whether Adafruit have implemented read properly. (they normally design things well)

Ignore the "Tests" times. It means nothing if the screen is white.

Unfortunately there are not many Uno Wifi2 owners. You could ask in the specific forum i.e.
Please link to your message here. It is important to say that you have asked in two places.