attiny85 via UNO in Arduino IDE, not uploading

Hi All

I've got a strange problem that doesn't seem to be detailed on the forum. I have my Arduino IDE setup for programming the Attiny85, with the connections on some protoboard, as per

The code compiles ok, then when I go to upload, it just displays "Uploading....." for a very long time (have left it 10+mins). The TX LED on the Arduino (UNO) flashes, but the program never uploads.

The same error occurs If I remove my Attiny from the protoboard. "Uploading..." appears, TX LED flashes, no other errors. So it is as if the Attiny is not being detected? Anyone had something similar?

Did you upload the ArduinoISP sketch to the Uno? Did you double-check your connections? Make sure that pins 11-12-13 are connected straight, and that pin 10 on the Uno goes to the Reset pin on the '85.

Ah, thanks, yes that was it!

I uploaded the ISP sketch on another board and had swapped it over with a new board, forgot to re-program!