Bar Type IPS Display, OLED, TFT or anything like that...

Hello everyone,

i am looking for displays that i can control directly from the arduino with the following features

a) preferably frameless
b) font in RGB and if possible also backlight in rgb. if not, then backlight black
c) height 20mm (+/- 2mm)
d) width 70mm and 100mm (+/- 2mm)

control if possible like

textsize = 12;
textpos = 40px,140px;
textfont = arial;
textwrite = "hello";

best regards

I found now a Display. But how can i connect it and control it by an arduino?

Well, first, let me just say that I really don't know what I am talking about.... But...

I took a look at your link and found a 480x72 lcd display, but the text is in German, I think. I found an English version, but it didn't really contain much useful info. What info I did find says that display uses ILI6480BQ LCD driver chip. So, I'm thinking to make use of that LCD, the 40 pin flat flexible cable needs to be plugged into an ILI6480BQ driver.

Take a look at this 2.8 inch TFT Touch Shield:

The bottom view of that shield shows a 40 pin connector with a flexible cable plugged into it. That is probably the style connector you would need to hook the cable into. Then the connector is wired up to the driver chip & it's supporting components. The driver chip is a SMD and the supporting components are as well. So you'd need a custom designed PCB, the components, and then assemble it.

Just soldering something that small is above my skill level, and probably most other hobbyists, let alone the circuit/PCB design. There are probably hard core hobbyists out there that have the skills and equipment to do this, but finding one might be another story...

Then there is the software side of things. Is there an arduino library out there to interface with the driver chip?

I have the shield I posted the link to and it works flawlessly, but it's expensive. Cheap china made LCD displays can be found for around $10, but the supporting hardware will vary. I have one of those and have spent a bit of time just getting it up and running.

Just my 2 cents...

Hello Randy,

thank you for your feedback. i will try the adafruit shield.

Thank you for your time!