Best display for outdoor / sunlight

Is there anything that actually comes close to using 8-segment LED's for a brightness / contrast ratio in day or sunlight? I am trying to make gauge clusters with readouts, and even with the cost of an Android tablet with all the sophisticated manufacturing into THOSE displays, I find myself having to box-off the top and sides just to be able to see the screen.

I haven't seen and tested every one of the LCD units from, but I've seen my share of them enough to know, that if I am not 6" away with face perpendicular to the surface, I'll struggle with that display as well.

I guess the only other thing I've seen were OLED displays, but they are just too small - that 2" x 1" display is just about big enough for me to MAYBE fit ONE gauge on it, I could plop about 10 of them all chained together which makes it less wires than LED segment displays.

I personally like “reflective LCDs”. Not sure wheter has such displays, but EA DOG series usually has a reflective version:
EA DOG series is available from mouser and others, e.g. search for EADOGXL240N (“N” is the reflective version)

Newhaven also has reflective LCDs, e.g. see the first two products here:

Common to reflective LCDs is, that they do not have a backlight LED.


olikraus: Common to reflective LCDs is, that they do not have a backlight LED.

Displays that are reflective and transmissive (with a backlight) are called transflective. That word might help with your searches.

For non-reflective displays, you're looking for a brightness rating around or over 1,000 "nits". One nit is one candela per square meter

Ok, thank you for helping me with my searching. Knowing what to look for helps me alot, I appreciate it.

I saw the displays at newhaven. I'm pretty sure I've seen them on something, possibly the DeWalt radio or other hardware tool. I will scout one out to find and sample it.

I'm seeking any updated suggestions for a good transflective display that has the fewest wires (SPI/I2C). Would also be helpful if there was a working library to support the driver. I'm still learning how to do that and, while ambitious to learn, might find it a bit too much beyond current abilities to write my own.

My project that currently uses a 128x160 TFT just doesn't work in the sunlight. Would be nice to find the same size/resolution or something fairly close. Space is somewhat limited.

I have checked out this one ( but am unfamiliar with how to interface with my current Arduino Pro Mini.

Thanks for the help!

The is a display based on the RA6963 / T6963. This controller is basically supported by u8g2, but maybe the specific resolution is not implemented (Please raise an issue on the u8g2 project page, if you do not find this resolution).

The controller of the display only provides a 8-Bit Interface. SPI/I2C is NOT supported.

Also note that this is a 5V display, so it will not work with Arduino Due or MKR Boards.

LCDs with SPI/I2C support are usually only available with more modern Chip On Glas LCDs (so called COG-Displays), but those displays require 3.3V instead.The other disadvantage of these COGs is the flex-cable, which is a little bit DIY unfriendly. Only some options are there, which offer pins, like this: (but it has a very unusual pitch). Other options for COGs are available with the EA DOG series of displays.


Be sure you get that interface right. If you get stuck with a display that doesn’t match the arduino pre-made library, you could be in for a nice long learning distraction away from the project.