Best way to check if RTC DS1307 is already setup?

Good afternoon

I'm working with DS1307. Do almost everything what I want with it, but still miss something... check if RTC is already values or is empty, like as we bought...

I'm not using any of this libraries: DS1307RTC.h DS1307.h

So, which is the best way to check it? Check all the parameters, if they are as '0'... or exist any other function?

Thanks on advance Best regards Pedro Ferrer

From datasheet: "On first application of power to the device the time and date registers are typically reset to 01/01/00 01 00:00:00 (MM/DD/YY DOW HH:MM:SS). The CH bit in the seconds register will be set to a 1." Check registers and if date is 01/01/00 and the time less than 00:00:10 (or something similar depending how long your code is running before checking) then ds1307 not setup?

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Thanks by your reply. I think that second will start counting as soon we do rtc.start... otherwise seconds remains as 0... I Think... There no exist other way? I've tried looking the info (01/01/00 01 00:00:00 (MM/DD/YY DOW HH:MM:SS)) on datasheet but without success...

Thanks on advance Best regards Pedro Ferrer