Can piezoelectric sensor detect heartbeat?

I want to know if i a piezoelectric sensor detect heartbeat pulse from my wrist or my finger.
I already made the simulation and code but I want to know if it will work so I can buy the sensor

Here is the code
piezo.ino (536 Bytes)

I just tried it with a piezo disk and a fingertip and it doesn't seem reliable. Maybe you could make it work but most pulse rate sensors use light through the fingertip or earlobe.

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it doesnt work at all or is it not accurate enough?

"Not reliable" means that you can't trust the results.

An accelerometer module will work fine to detect heart beat.

I wish i could but my project is to use any mechanical sensor in a medical application so I'm obliged to use this sensor and other sensors like strain gauge and the load cell

A strain gauge would work.

For a heartbeat detector, can you tell me how is that?

Isn't that your project assignment?

I've searched but found nothing so that's why I'm asking how

If I rest my right wrist pulse point on the disk just right I can get a trace on Serial Plotter that looks like a pulse. Any other position and the trace looks like a flat line or random noise.
When it's a flat line, even the motion due to breathing can cause some blips every few seconds.

#define sensorpin A0 // analog pin 0

void setup()

void loop()
  static int threshold = 128;
  int a = analogRead(sensorpin);
  Serial.println(a-threshold + 512);

  digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, a > threshold);

  threshold *= 15;
  threshold += a;
  threshold /= 16;
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Thanks sir, you are a life saver

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