CH376 usb module arduino mega problem

Hello, I am trying to interface CH376 module with Arduino mega 2560 pro mini.
Here's the link to library I'm using GitHub - djuseeq/Ch376msc: Arduino library for CH376 mass storage contoller
Note : The module worked with me fine on Arduino Uno using the same library
There are three ways to interface it
1- UART , where I can use one of the 4 serial pins of Arduino mega 2560 and connect it to Rx and TX of the module easily
2- SerialSoftware, where I can choose 2 digital pins from Arduino Mega and assign them to work as hardware RX and TX and connect them to the module's RX and TX
3- SPI, it has it's dedicated pins on the module and I connect them to there correct pins on Arduino Mega
So there are 3 examples to use
First example basicUsageHwSerial which depends on using one of the other 3 extra tx rx pins on arduino mega
It failed
Second example basicUsageSoftSerial which depends on SoftwareSerial library where we assign two pins on arduino mega ( THIS ONE WORKED ON UNO)
It failed
Third example basicUsageSPI which depends on SPI , (THIS ONE DIDN"T WORK ON UNO EITHER)
It failed

It sounds like you are fishing trying to find something that might work instead of engineering the project. Post your Schematic, not a frizzy thing of how you actually wired it including power and ground connections. Include a link to the module. Level shifting series resistors can come back and bite you quickly and silently destroy your modules, do it with a proper level shifter.

Thanks for replying
Here is the link to the usb module CH376 USB Module | Open ImpulseOpen Impulse
Here are my connections
I took into consideration to choose pins that are available to be used as Serial software outputs in Arduino Mega since some of them can't be used as receivers

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