CNC Project using UNO R3 and Adafruit shield L293D

Hi, to all I have started a CNC project using UNO R3 and Adafruit Shield L293D.

Here is my equipment:

Arduino UNO R3
Adafruit shield Motor L293D
Stepper Motor NEMA 17, 5 - 12 Vdc
Stepper Motor 0404A 24.2 V dc
External PWR supply 24 Vdc

Software used:

Arduino 1.6.11
Grbl 0.9j
Universal Gcode Sender 1.0.9


When I used the arduino multiple stepper testing from the arduino library, the 2 motors is working fine. But when I used the Universal Gcode Sender, motor is not responding at all. Everything is working fine from Arduino to Grbl.

Please see attached file.

"Please see attached file"? I don't see any attachments...

AFAIK GRBL is intended for controlling specialized stepper drivers such as the Pololu A4988 and NOT a simple h-bridge like the L293.

Also you will get much better performance from the motors with a specialized stepper driver and a high voltage motor power supply.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

Please tell us which motors you have - the infomation you have given isn't helpful, I'm afraid, give
the full part number, datasheet, website, anything more than "5 - 12 Vdc" which means nothing
(stepper motors are rated by current and winding resistance, not voltage).