Colour Sensors

Hey, I'm using a lego mindstorms colour sensor, to interact with the arduino. My questions are:

Is it polarised? What are it's output's like for different colours?


Hey, I'm using a Lego Mindstorms colour sensor to interact with the arduino. I'm trying to get it to tell me the different colours it see's (e.g. red, blue, black, white etc.). My questions are:

What information does it give back, for what colour? How would you program it to distinguish the colour difference between red/blue etc? Anything else I should know when dealing with colour sensors?


how are you connecting the lego's color sensor to the arduino?

Using the digital pins. Should I be using analog pins?

What sort of sensor. The EV3 colour sensor works with serial communications in one of six modes. In the colour mode you just get a number corresponding to the colour.

Not sure what you mean by polerised though.

Without more information about the sensor all we can do is make up pretend answers. Can you at least link to the specifications for the sensor? For instance, we have no idea if you are using the EV3 sensor or the NXT sensor.

I don't know about the lego sensor, but there are several descriptions on the internet of how other colour sensors work. The basic idea they use, is to measure the amount of red, blue, and green light being reflected from the object placed in front of them.

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