communication issue?

no luck getting mkr gsm 1400 board to connect to computer lights come on.

What operating system are you using?

Have you gone through the Getting Started page and installed the appropriate plug-in?

It would be helpful if you could describe what you have done thus far to get the environment set-up.

Is there any other failure messages that you can share?

windows 7

yes, I went through the getting started and everything seemed to load fine

This is my first Arduino, so this is pretty much out of the box connect to cable.

Went through troubleshooting and was able to communicate and name the board. now it gives me the same Try Again for the crypto chip config.

Yeah, sometimes it takes a few tries to get it to work. One thing, you want to ensure you have no shields plugged on the board or anything connected to the SCL and SDA which are used with the Crypto chip. Also, you may want to ensure your power to the board is sufficient; if possible maybe add a LiPo battery as described on the MKR1400 page just in case the board is drawing to much current from the USB port.

With the MKR1000 and MKR WiFi 1010, occasionally it is necessary to double click the reset button on top of the board to get it to load code properly. You may try this with your board.

I don't have one of the MKR1400 boards, so these are just shots in the dark.