Control led brightness using ir remote volume buttons

You are expected to develop an LED light that can be remotely operated using an IR remote controller used at home (example: TV Remote Controller). The Power for the LED light should be provided using batteries. The Controller for the light should be an Arduino UNO.

The light has 4 white LEDs and 1 multi-colour LED

You can use the volume up/down button or channel up/down button to operate the light.

how can I do this

Have you wired up an IR decoder/detector?

My favorite library for IR remote control is the IRremote library. The IRremote library is available to install through the IDE library manager.

Try some example codes that come with the IRremote library to learn how it works.

Post a data sheet for the light or a link to information about it. Without knowing more about the light it is impossible to know how to control its brightness.

The more information that you provide about the hardware and the requirements of your assignment the more and better help we can give. We do not provide the whole solution but will help you get there.

I have a problem controlling led using the volume button

So post your code. Read the forum guidelines to see how to properly post code.
Use the IDE autoformat tool (ctrl-t or Tools, Auto format) before posting code in code tags.

Tell us what the code does and how that is different from what you want.

Post a schematic of your wiring. How to make a schematic that you can post.

You must provide the requested information. If not we can not help you. I do not have time to guess at what you have or indulge in a game of twenty questions.

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