Controlling both 12v and 5v LED strips

Is it possible to control two different led strips from one Arduino?

  • 5V ws2812b addressable RGB
  • 12V 5050 non-addressable RGB strip

How do I manage the different voltage requirements of the 2 strips and the Arduino?

Yes you can do that.

You need to supply each strip with its own voltage.
The 12V strips are controlled via FETs that take a 5 V input. You have to supply the FETs.


To avoid using two separate power supplies (12V & 5V), you could use a 12V supply to supply the non-addressable strip, and a DC-DC converter to turn the 12V into a 5V supply for the addressable strip and the Arduino.

Addressable strips use a lot of current. You need to work out how much your addressable strip will use before you select a DC-DC converter.

For example, let us say that your addressable strip is 1m long and has 60 leds, and your non-addressable strip is also 1m long and has 60 leds.

The non-addressable strip will need around 60mA x 60 / 3 = 1.2A @ 12V
The addressable strip will need 60mA x 60 = 3.6A @ 5V

Your DC-DC convertor will need to be rated for at least 4A @ 5V output. It will need around 3.6A x (5V / 12V) / 80% = 1.9A @ 12V, assuming it is 80% efficient.

So your 12V supply will need to be rated for 1.9A + 1.2A = 3.1A, so at least 3.5A for safety.


Thank you for your responses.