Controlling several motors

May I dumb this discussion down a bit?

I would like to control several small AC and DC motors in my project. Currently I am using a Mega with a multi channel relay module like this:

All I do is switch relays to turn on and off motors. It all works but I think, to the subject of this thread
(Mod edit: Flyback diodes and why you need them (comments here please)) I am causing issues when I turn off motors as I need to periodically reset my mega. Initially I wasn't concerned because the relay board is optically isolated and the motors are small but after reading this discussion i'm not so sure... How would I size flyback diodes based on motor specs? What about AC motors? Maybe this was addressed earlier but the discussion got real deep, real fast and lost me (thanks smaj :slight_smile: )

This is my first ever post on any forum ever so if i'm in the wrong place, broke a rule or just out of line please be kind...

OK, so I understand why you posted on the flyback diode comment topic but that was really for comments about the tutorial, not problems with your project. If you think the problem you have is caused by the diodes then you already think you know the answer. I have move it to a more appropriate place. Standard reply below.


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