Dimension of Arduino UNO

Can anyone please share the exact dimensions of Ethernet jack, USB power cable jack and jack power for ARDUINO UNO?

I believe the CAD files are on this site, if you look.

I believe the CAD files are on this site, if you look.

Please share.

Please share.


Clik on “Documentation”. There is the ‘BOARD SIZE IN DXF’ and ‘EAGLE FILES .ZIP’.

not sure where is the Ethernet jack located in Arduino uno? Are you referring the USB connector?

Dc Jack is normal 2.1mm standard connector.

USB adapter is also standard one.

What's your requirement?

I am trying to design a box for arduino UNO. But i didn't found exact dimensions for the board including ethernet jack size, distance between power jack and USB cable jack.

Could anyone help?

Numbers have been posted before.
Best method is to download the eagle files, get the free version of eagle, and pull out whatever dimensions you need.

Scroll down ~1/2 way

Or buy a ready-made enclosure.


Again, there is no ethernet connector.