Diode problems ..help

hi guys ... can i use an arduino nano without the diode

Which diode would that be ?


Can we all play ?


Please explain exactly which diode that you are referring to. Is this a classic Nano or one of the newer variants ?

i dont really know what you are talking about ...but whatever ... the diode is called s4 ..it is writen on it

and i think its a classic arduino nano and may be a cloud even

Whereabouts is this diode on the board ?
Why may you need to do without it ?

here is the diode but its is dead so can i just use the arduino and unplug this diode

I'm guessing it is the Schottky diode between the USB socket and the 5V rail.
If you power the Nano via its Vin or 5V pins, does it work ?


It sounds like the Schottky diode. If so, then I have replaced them in the past following "incidents" with power connections

Although they are SMD components they are reasonably easy to solder with a soldering iron

i know that i need to replace them ..but iam asking can i just go without replacing it just unpug it and solder

do you understand me

note :;its not this part

its this part .. this is the diode that i had circled it

its writen on it ;;s4


If the Nano works via its 5V and Vin pins, and that is enough for you, leave it as it is. There is no need to remove the dead diode which appears to have failed on open circuit.
If you want to power the Nano through the USB socket, then replace the dead diode.

if i want to power it from the usb can i just pull the diode out of the arduino nano and solder the two parts

because when i do this the usb power will work