Displaying the inputs of a camera at a tft screen at some distance

Hi Everyone,

This is my first mini project with Arduino Uno. I would like to create a CCTV type gadget (with some of its feature) for my own self. This would capture 5-6 images at one point and then relay it to a display at some distance. As I am too inexperienced, I am not even sure which components should I need (yeah, stupid me :slight_smile: ). The basic idea is I would use the following:

  1. Arduino Uno board(obviously).
  2. Camera module.
  3. TFT LCD screen.
  4. wires,breadboard , resistors.

Am I missing anything here?

One very important question, would I be needing two Arduino Unos to complete the task?

Your help in time would be sincerely appreciated.

Best regards,

Do you have the programming knowledge?

Do you have the programming knowledge?

Yes I do, I know the programming thing

anyone who can help?