Do 5mm led diode RGBW exist?

I just wonder...

I. Can`t fint any 5mm 3V RGB led diode with an own white channel. (RGBW). Does it exist?

When i search i just find 1W smd diodes that needs 300mA and more. I just want an ordinary through hole RGB diode with an own white channel (20mA).

5 pin diode? i don't hear about yet

The best I know of is RGB thru-hole LEDs at sparkfun

Can you link to one spesific ?

There are 9 thru hole parts in the link I posted, click them and read.

Have you read my first post?

Did you read my first reply? RGBW in thru hole are not available. RGB only.

Yes, i read it. But why post a link to an site with just ordinary RGB leds? You wrote "The best i know of....", You did not say that RGBW is not available.

RGB with all 3 colors on is pretty close to White.
Your next option might be to get SMD RGBWs and put them on adapter boards with leads, if leaded parts are what you need.

Yes, i know that. But it was not what i asked for :slight_smile:

White leds are either RGB leds or are “ white” leds that use a different technology - (a phosphor excited by a short wavelength led to produce white light) .

So it’s not possible to make a RGBW led in a single package as you can’t have the light producing phosphor in there as the other “colour” leds would not be seen or would just make (dim) white light .

You can do what others have helpfully suggested, but the short answer is NO !

Incorrect @hammy, RGBW in single package are made, here are 2 that Digikey carries for example - just SMD tho, not thruhole
And you can find similar parts on LED strips in different warm/cool shades of white

The SK6812 are 5V but small and RGBW.

Ho hum
Stand corrected wot I read must be out of date !! ( any excuse will do ) :frowning:. The strip ones do look like they have a separate white led section tho within that package


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I have not found any through hole 5mm RGBW leds myself either..

I have however used some 5050 sized RGBW (neopixel/smart) LEDS...

Not impressed.

I posted about it when I did some tests with them.. but short story your 'blue' channel/color is extremely crippled due to the addition of the standalone white (W) channel..

You will never get a decent/nice rich blue anymore. (sigh)

Hi, @Bjerknez
Is there a particular reason you need RGBW LED.
You can get white from a RGB LED.

You need to be specific about the application?
What is your project?

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Because i have made an LED indicator with two 5mm RGB LED diodes and i don't like the white that comes when i blend the other colors. You can easy see all the colors lights.

I want to indicate an angle light from an car and i need to have en own white part for that.

It looks white on the picture, but trust me, it's not.

Are you controlling the output level of each colour, or just connecting them to supply via series current limit resistors.

What do you mean, "angle light"?

Thanks.. Tom.... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia: