Driver for ILI9325D


request for the above driver.



attached are the files you need.. for the ILI9325D.

Some installation notes...

  1. install the Arduino IDE, I am at version 1.6.7 (from this website). Follow the tutorials on this website.

  2. download the UTFT library from here UTFT - Rinky-Dink Electronics

  3. From the menu in the IDE install the library as a zip file, no need to open it.

  4. When the UTFT library is installed, save (overwrite) the attached initlcd.h file in


There should be the original initlcd.h file there, which you can save as backup if you wish.

  1. Run the .ino demo file by double clicking it ... it should open up the Arduino IDE.

  2. Otherwise run the IDE and then open the .ino file, its all set up for the UNO and TFT.

  3. Attempt to load the .ino demo file to the UNO yourself, then experiment as you wish

The demo program is a subset of the UTFT demo program but slimmed down to fit in the UNO.

Any problems get back to me.

initlcd.h (4.14 KB)

UTFT_Demo_320x240_uno.ino (7.5 KB)


When you have plugged the UNO via the USB, the existing demo should run.

To upload you own demo youe must choose the 'board' as 'UNO, and the usb 'port' that your UNO is connected to ( this should be quite easy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


thanks for this i'll have a look as soon as it arrives and let you know how i get on with it.

i did get the break down of the code in all the parts on the ebay messages but this is a lot simpler lol :slight_smile: