EAGLE- how to create another package based on existing one?

Here is what I have:

symbol for 16X2 LCD package for 80mm*36mm 16X2 LCD with 4 mounting holes device that combines the symbol and package

Here is what I want:

another package duplicated from the original but I want to remove the mounting holes This package should also be used in the device so I don't have to redo the wiring between symbol and package.

What I used to do is to copy the package to a temp library, make changes, rename package, save, and then copy it back to my main library. But then I will have to redo the wiring. Any better way to do this? Thanks.

One shortcut I found is to create a new package in my library, save, then open the original package, select everything and group cut. Then open the new package and use paste. I don't have to use a temp library. Make sure you right click at the origin otherwise you will have hard time lining up pasted part in the new package. I still have to do all the pin connections though. Hoping for a way that will avoid connecting all the pins again. This is prone to mistake.

Update: if you name your pins in the package view the same as you name your pins in the symbol view, then connecting pins is trivial. I just have to name all the pins in package from now on.

Open the library where you want to create the new package. Issue the command

copy old.pac@old-library-name

If you want to give it a new name, append it:

copy old.pac@old-library-name new.pac

You must include the library name even if it's the same library you have open for edit. (note, this is for eagle 5).



How do you do the copy if the library is in a subfolder? Mine is ".\My lib\Ics.lbr" It kept trying to open My.lib, thinking the My is the name of the library, instead of part of a folder name.

OK I tried copy with context menu and it only opens that part and not making a copy. If I rename the file and check the package list again, the original part is renames. So unless command line can do the copy, this is not working.

BTW, I found this quite useful:

You can choose copy connections from a different part on this dialog. Just select a package you already connected to the symbol for the device and your pins instantly all connected. I’m happy with that. For my own copy part, I just cut an existing part, create a new one, and then paste it to the new one.

So unless command line can do the copy, this is not working.

Sorry, should have said that was a command line (although the font was a hint).

If the source library is selected the copy command should find it.