Editor will no longer recognize any boards on Chromebook

I purchased Arduino Create in the the app store and was using the app for about an hour on my Chromebook when it suddenly stopped recognizing my Arduino Uno board. I tried switching boards - it still always looks like there is no connection. I also periodically get the message that there are server problems but it has been several hours with no change. A screenshot is attached. Any suggestions? Thank you!!

Hello @memyselfandigora, we are sorry. it was a temporary error due to an upgrade in our systems. It is solved now and we are working on avoiding it in the future.

Please try again and let us know if things are working now.

The problem still persists. I am trying to use and does not recognize my Arduino UNO board

Same the arduino editor doesn't work on my chromebook either.

Hi @FugalDwarf,

Was it working before?

What version of Chrome OS are you using? What boards are you trying to use with Arduino Create?