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I am searching for an electronic components kit without sensors or Arduino etc I found one at Amazon but it is currently sold out but I think its never going to be back because i search on the website of the manufacturer and there was nothing like that kit

it needs to have al basic stuff like that kit and arround $/€100-200

kit on amazon:


manufacturers website:


thank you if you know a nice kit

Dunno if this helps .... I wouldn’t be in a rush to buy a kit of stuff - half you may never need .

I’d buy a small number of resistors, leds, soldering iron , proto typing board, some interconnecting leads , DVM .

When you start trying to make stuff you’ll start to know what you need and what to buy .
Although a”pack” of stuff is good value , you might not use half of it. Keep an eye out for old panels etc which might provide bits and pieces like screws , spacers , switches etc .
Beware some of the cheap stuff may contain out of spec or reject parts .

ow maybe you right tho i didnt think aboat that

thank you

i will seek for some cheaper things

The components will often be extremely cheap.
In Europe you can buy at Reichelt, then at least you know what quality you get.

Sparkfun and Adafruit have sets of resistors. They sell carbon-film 5% resistors. That is from the previous millennium. Metal-film 1% resistors are normal today.

look this link:

RV mineirin

thank you all

"Might" not?

Will not! :laughing: And generally a lot more than half. :sunglasses:

A Hundred dollars for stuff you will never use?

Ridiculous! :astonished:

Sir, I'm not going to discuss whether it is worth it or not, whether it is useful or not, whether it is ridiculous or not.
I am not here to criticize anyone's will and need.
I simply found a product that Mrs. @kilvis was looking for.

RV mineirin

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