Ettore Arduino

Thanks for a great open source project! How did you choose the name? Any relation to Ettore Arduino?

The movie “The Red Tent” is a fictionalized account of the ill-fated 1928 Italian airship expedition to the north pole. During the Italia’s crash, the control cabin (with most of the crew) came to rest on the ground. It was torn loose from the airship gas envelope, which disappeared into the sky with six of the crew. Among them was chief engineer Ettore Arduino, who spent his few remaining seconds near the ground tossing out supplies and artic survival gear from storage areas in the envelope - sacrificing his life to save his comrades.

It is way cool that this project shares the name of an Italian engineer hero. Perhaps his photograph should be on the website.

more info at wikipedia: Airship_Italia


Sorry to “burst your bubble,” but according to this Wired Magazine article, which interviewed Massimo Banzi, “They called it the Arduino, after a nearby pub…”

Interesting. And they named the pub (Antica Caffetteria Arduino SRL) after the street it is on, Via Arduino. So who/what did they name Via Arduino after? Perhaps an Italian engineer hero?

If somebody from Ivrea reads this, maybe they can ask a local historian. Bubble or not, engineer heros make great images for projects. And perhaps somebody can use an Arduino to control a toy airship, completing the circle.


Seems that King Arduino from Ivrea was the self-proclaimed 11th Century King of Italy, according to

That would warrant your name on both a street and a pub, I reckon.

And I like your Arduino-controlled toy airship idea!

Yes, the name is from the King Arduino of Ivrea (Ivrea is a city where Olivetti was born; does anybody remember Olivetti? It is closed to Torino, the city where FIAT was born).
Arduino trusted in freedom… He thought Italy may be free from other dominations.
The Church was not so glad about Arduino but people called him “the first Italy’s king” in honour of his ideal…

The name of the pub comes from this wonderful king…

I hope i could explain the story of the name with my poor english :slight_smile:
It is very hard writing about something different form arduino or pc in other language…

That’s cruel, reminding me that I know all about Olivetti typewriters from many years ago. :wink:

(Anche il suo Inglese è migliore che il mio Italiano.)

Olivetti typewriters? Heck, I programmed on an Olivetti Programma 101 desktop calculator in jr. high school!!! What we couldn’t make that machine do!

Wow, i didn’t think so many people know Olivetti…
Olivetti made typewriters but also 80286, 80386 and 80486.
Arduino (the electronic one) is born in this contest…
Then China’s prices became too low to justify italians workers…
Half of Ivrea’s people worked into Olivetti’s and it was terrible for them…
If someone would like to come in Ivrea, I suggest him/her to arrive in Carnival period: there is a characteristic “orange battle” where people into wagons pulled by horses throw orange to people in the public square and they thow oranges to people into the wagons.
It is very suggestive and sometimes cruel.

@TBAr thank you very much for your italian reply :slight_smile:

Blimp with Arduino


by the way it’s not in via Arduino 45 but the pub is in Piazza Gioberti although it has a different owner now :slight_smile: