Feasibility of Infrared Bar-code Verifier using Arduino

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I am looking to create an infrared bar-code verifier which would verify not only the readout of a bar-code, but also the bar-code style ie: I 2 of 5, code 39, UPC-A, etc. Has anyone dabbled with making this sort of device from scratch, and if so, how difficult would this sort of project be.

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Building a bar-code reader from scratch is not trivial, as an Arduino is not the platform for image processing.

Connecting an existing serial bar-code scanner to an Arduino is far more trivial.

I agree with robtillaart, I think the closest you would get is making a "light-pen" style bar code reader, using a counter/timer to measure the width of each bar as you swipe the light-pen and light sensor over the bar code. The decoding software would take quite a while to put together. I also recommend finding a bar-code scanner with an RS-232 output and connect it with an RS-232 level translator. Better yet, use a USB bar code scanner and hook it to a Raspberry Pi.


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I think the closest you would get is making a "light-pen" style bar code reader

yeah great idea a light-pen.
put a laser on a servo (or some linear motor) and measure the reflection depending on the angle of the servo to detect the lines.

adafruit.com sells has a couple models for ~$70 each. For the most part they appear to be using the innards from a typical bar code scanner; USB or PS/2 interface. In either case they behave just like a keyboard -- spitting out the scanned bar code value.

I have, and it is a very difficult project to do from scratch. However, if you take an optical mouse, you might be able to hack that...

extrabee, why would you use a Pi?