Female Header Pins for Arduino Uno


Could anyone help me out with a digikey order number of the female header pins of the arduino uno?!

I searched for a long time, then ordered some and realized they do not match. There is no need it has to be the same part, just the same type!

Thanks a lot!

What part did you order that didn't match? Better to say, so you don't get pointed to the same part again.

Search Google or eBay or Aliexpress etc for;

Socket Header Connector 2.54mm

Get 40way ones and cut to size.

There is no blacks.

That's the one that does not match (not wide enough for "regular" pins)

@ ruilviana

Thanks. According to the amount in stock it is not standard digikey part. I find it quite risky to order with only 20 in stock. Just encountered the same problem with a cable which was in stock and digikey wrote me after the order that due to a discrepancy, the part is not on stock and delivery will be next year^^

Loop dois um mouses.

@t_guttata The connector manufacturer Samtec do a range of Arduino style pin headers.

Heres a link to their suggested headers for the Arduino Uno: https://www.mouser.co.uk/datasheet/2/527/samtec_makers_expansion_kits_product_brief-1820540.pdf

Here's Samtec's datasheet: https://suddendocs.samtec.com/catalog_english/ssq_th.pdf

Here's one of the connectors on Digikey: https://www.digikey.co.uk/en/products/detail/samtec-inc/SSW-106-01-F-S/6678762

Thanks! Price is ridicoulous!

What's about this one:

If I got it right, the difference is gold contact vs matte tin! Size etc. ist identical.

Yes, they're literally gold plated.

Normally I get mine from Hobbytronics in the UK: https://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/cables-connectors/pcb-headers-sockets.

They're a lot cheaper than Samtecs.

Yes, Samtec offer a variety of finishes:

Gold flash on contact, matte tin on tail (F),
0.25um gold on contact, matte tin on tail (L)
0.51um gold on contact, gold flash on tail (G)
Matte tin (T)

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