Firewire to USB 2 convertor

Can one use an Arduino Uno to make a Firewire to USB convertor? My camcorder output is Firewire but there is no Firewire port on my laptop. Did a search on Amazon and it appears the adapters they have do not convert data but just provide power from one end to another. Did a search here and could not find anything.

Too many "standards" have come and gone!

I don't know... But, if ir can be done it would probably be too slow and you might need to write a driver to make the operating system "think" it's talking to firewire rather than USB.

It's usually the driver that "gets you" in these kinds of situations because the manufacturer-supplied driver communicates directly with the manufacturer-supplied hardware... Stick some other hardware (such as USB) in there, and it just won't work...

I don't think video cameras require a special manufacturer-supplied driver, but the driver situation could be the reason you can buy the adapter you are looking for.

The best solution might be buy a cheap desktop computer and add a firewire card.

I don't think it is practical to do this with an Arduino. I think your best bet is:

An ExpressCard slot that plugs into a USB 2.0 port ($14.77):

A Firewire adapter that plugs into an ExpressCard slot ($19.99):

Thanks, John. That looks like the way to go.

Just discovered that the old laptop I gave my wife has a FireWire port so I can use it while I'm at home but your suggestion looks like a better long-term solution.