First Perf Board project

Im about to use my first protoboard ever.

I've got the diagram and Id like to make sure Im using the board correctly/efficiently.

So I want to put this diagram:

onto this board:

so far I have come up with this sketch:

Images not working (yet)?

Take a yellow highlighter, mark the foil paths and the schematic paths against each other. If you end up with all the foil pathways and schematic pathways all in yellow, they must match each other.


I came up with a tighter design...

and this is what it looks like on the board itself. It looks really tight, which i thought was good because I wouldnt "waste" any space on the board. But its not as if I can cut the board and use the rest, or can I? fine hacksaw maybe?

And yes, that's a TIP120 not a mosfet...I was just using it for 'modeling' purposes :slight_smile:

When you solder the resistors to the pads, try to get them flush against the board surface.

I came up with a tighter design...

That's part of the never ending art behind designing.


All you have to do is take a sharp knife and score both side and snap the board is easy to do. Then you'll have the rest for next project.

finalhanddiagramsolenoid.jpg shows “PIN 3” and “GND PIN” shorted together.
Is that intended?

As you are discovering, real circuits look nothing like their schematic.

The worst thing you can do is try to put everything too close. You are going to have to desolder one of those components in the future and right now you don't know which one it's going to be, so you can't plan ahead and put that component in an easy-to-reach position. Spread them all out and give yourself space to work.