Flash ESP-01 with AT Firmware using Arduino IDE

Dear learned forum members,
I am learning to program an ESP8266 (ESP-01) MCU using Arduino IDE.

Before i flash ESP-01 with new programs,i want to know the way to restore the ESP-01 module to original AT firmware if something goes wrong with new program.

So, my question is …
Using Arduino IDE,can we flash the ESP-01 Module with AT Firmware (bin file that can be downloaded from espressif or AI-Thinker) without creating any sketch in the IDE?

(I know some other tools are there to flash but i wanted to know the possibility with arduino IDE).

Thanks in advance.

You could use a command line with avrdude to flash the bin file to it.It's very simple to do.The IDE under the hood also calls avrdude to upload the firmware .

Dear @hugo007,

Thank you :slight_smile: .

Will try with that.

The ESP8266 doesn't use avrdude, it uses esptool.py.
Just enable verbose output during upload in the IDE to see the exact command.


Yes you are correct.my mistake but the logic is the same.