FT232 USB UART Driver

Okay, so I finally went in and plugged my new arduino in my computer to find it flashind the message.."Device driver FT232 USB UART Driver not installed successfully" which was a nightmare literally. Tried google and arduino site a lot to find that it does not have the driver. Please give me the download link of the driver coz i need it importantly. P.S. : I got my arduino from a website without a manual or CD or USB..Its " Arduino Duemilanove".. Please Help..!


Went there..downloaded a 32 bit .zip file. Unzipped it and got truely quizzed what i have to do next. really don't know what to do. please help..

go here http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm all the way to the right under "comments" on the table it says "Available as setup executable" then download that and it will do the setup for you

Thank You there.. :) ...even got a simple project running :)