Good source of PCB material

I have been making PCB's using laser toner for a long time. With the right materials, I get good results. I've used up a batch of about 30 4"x6" boards, 1/2 oz. copper, that I got "on the cheap" over EBay.

Those boards mostly worked, most of the time, but on maybe 5 of them, I've had foils lift off the board, usually while soldering or desoldering, once for no apparent reason. So I'm looking for s source of better boards, maybe not so cheap this time.

Does anybody have a good reliable source of boards in a reasonable price range? If so, I'd sure like to hear from you.


You can't go far wrong than go to the major distribuitors. What you pay for is the quality and provenance of the product. Anything else is a gamble.