HACIR - Homemade Arduino Compatible Ir Receiver (based on IRMP)

Hi @all,

in a few month we will feed into our new house. So I decided to do some resarch on how to make some automatisation. In order to receive IR signals I stumbled over IRMP. And then I found an Arduino Lib:

I decided to build a simple Plug & Play IR receiver based on a custom made mega88 board.

And this is my result. Maybe it´s interesting for some others …

What you need

  • CP2102 breakout board
  • TQFP 32 adapter board
  • Mega88 ( I had some lying around … )
  • IR Receiver (I used a TSOP 31238)
  • ISP Programmer to get the bootloader flashed
  • IR remote control

Which Software did you need

Which steps are to do

That´s basically all :wink:

See attachements :slight_smile:

Happy coding.

btw. This device works like a charm directly on my Raspberry Pi. :slight_smile: