Has anyone experienced some delay shipping from Asia to USA?

I ordered PCBs and they shipped from Singapore to USA. Last time I ordered. The shipping took 9 days. This time it's been 12 days already. Has anyone seen similar delays? My wife is worried the package may have been stuck or worse if it had to go through Japan.

Nope, this is normal. Regular "postal mail" shipping is highly variable, especially if a customs agent decides to open up the package and do some inspection. I've never had an Asian package not originating in Japan go through Japan, but who knows....

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They made it to my doorway today XD
Silk screen was lost in the communication =(

My shipment from Thailand finally arrived.
Actually, I had to go to the post office to pick it up after getting a "Final Notice - will be returned to sender if not picked up by 3/31".
I had not see any notices that delivery had been attempted prior to that, altho notes on the envelope indicated 1st attempt was 3/16.
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I should post a picture. Need some fresh camera batteries.

I've ordered a few dozen purchases from E-bay Asian sellers over the last couple of years. Shipping to west coast here takes 10-12 days and I think maybe only one purchase took longer then that. However be aware of Chinese New Year period, they seem to shutdown a lot of activity for a few weeks during their holiday.


Guys, thanks for the inputs. I got my package yesterday. Checked for radiation contamination, nothing above background :grin:

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