Have Camera Feed to LCD?

Hello Arduino Community! For starters, I can now spell Arduino without looking at your logo! Yeahaaa! Anyway, I am thinking about a new Arduino project, which I would do after I learn Arduino better. But, I wanted to know if this certain part of it would be possible. The project will be in the Projects section here in a few.... So, I want to have a RC car, maybe controlled by Radio or XBee, I am not sure. I want to have a camera on the car, and have it feed to a LCD built into the controller. But, in order to start the thread in the projects area, I have to know what interface to do guys think I should use? The LCD I want to use is here: www.sparkfun.com/products/8335 It does not need to update frequently, so maybe XBee will still be able to do it? The wireless security cameras avaible seem to be quite expensive, and would require additional components in the controller. So, what interference do you think I should use for this project? Thanks Guys!

It does not need to update frequently,

Once a day? Once a fortnight?

Well, I assumed when I said "Not Need to Update Frequently" and then "RC Car", you can assume that once a day or once a fortnight is a bit extream. Just enough frames so you can see where the car is going at 10MPH without too much skipping. Last I knew, XBee can do like 8FS can't it? I do not know frames, because I have not watched videos and had the frame rate below the video. So, maybe 8FS would be enough.

So, maybe 8FS would be enough

How much bandwidth have you got (bytes per second), and what does this look like divided by eight? Where/how does the image get digitised?

Wireless cameras are not always expensive: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wireless-Internal-Pinhole-Security-Camera/dp/B001F5A38I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1307301223&sr=8-1. It would require a TV or something similar, but would do the job well.



So, maybe 8FS would be enough

How much bandwidth have you got (bytes per second), and what does this look like divided by eight?Where/how does the image get digitised?

Well.... http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8665 So 250kbp/s divided by 8 is 31.25 kbp/s for 1 frame. I do not think that is enough. KE7GKP: Okay, so I will be looking for one of those. I am looking for a receiver though that I will be able to modify the output so it will work with that LCD screen. Any suggestions on that anyone? Onions: that looked good, but the TV is a downfall. The LCD will be built into the controller, with the joysticks on each side. It will be extream, that is why I want to make sure that I have hopes that are not to high. :)

I have a change of plans. I am making a post over in Projects for getting started. Anyway, here is what I am thinking. I will use a RC motor, wheels, and a security camera which will hopefully feed to the monitor. IDK if they exist, but I am hoping I can put the receiver on the back of the monitor, and then route that cable over to the monitor. Since I am using the RC motor, I will need the RC controller. Thanks for the help. I will be in Projects now.

That's the right way. If you go up on ebay, go looking for a "wireless baby monitor" or "wireless security system".. it will include the camera, transmitter, receiver, and display. Pop them out of their cases if you like, but otherwise I'd just come up with a good way to mount the receiver/display on the RC car remote. As a plus, most of the units also (obviously for their designed purpose, a baby monitor) do Audio as well, and have both Audio and Video outputs, so you could potentially hook it up to a VCR and tape it!

Here's one I found in one ebay search:


A bit pricey (more searching, and choosing to bid for an auction would help) at about $75 for the whole rig, shipped. I was hoping to see around $50, and with a bit of looking I'm sure you can find it. Deal Extreme might be a good place to look too... the idea being that you find something like this, and you've got pretty much the best way to do it. Trying to engineer better than these cheap units and even cheap IP cams can't really be done very well on a hobbyist's skill level or budget. You'll never one-off cheaper than they can mass produce.. and to be honest, they'll do it better as well as cheaper. In this case, use the wheel already made, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. That will leave you more time to think about good control of the "car", something Arduino is a LOT better at.