Help with Water Conductivity EC Sensor

I am currently using EC sensor from DFRobot for my hydroponics project. Here is the link to the product:

As the sensor probe is too fragile. I ordered a industrial EC sensor probe. Here is the link for the same:

This probe is similar to the DFRobot one except it has a stainless steel cover to protect it and a thread joint to add it inline with the plumbing. I tried using this with the DFRobot analog chip but it does not work. I can measure the temperature with a 10k resistor as the temperature compensation cell is NTC10K.

Please help me how to use this industrial sensor with arduino. I have attached sensor photo for your reference.

Thanks and Regards,
Sanket Patel.

What do you mean by "it does not work"?

It does not give any reading with the same code. The result is 0.

Have you tried measuring the resistance between the resistance leads with a multimeter to sanity check it?