how do I read this circuit diagram?

Hi. I'm a newbie to Arduino, and I can't read circuit diagrams. If someone can read this circuit diagram(See attached image), tell me how to do this!

Do you have a breadboard?

The diagram has 8 LEDs.
Example- D2 is pin 2 of the Arduino. It will be connected to the ANODE side of an LED. The CATHODE side of the LED (the shorter leg and a flat part on the rim) then connects to a resistor of 330 Ohm value. Other end of the resistor connects to GROUND.

Repeat for the other 7 paths. All LEDs will share a GROUND connection after the resistor. The Arduino doesn't have 8 GROUND connections, which is where the breadboard comes in.
All LEDs will have their own Arduino pin on their ANODEs (so you can control each LED by digitalWrite-ing their pins HIGH).

Also: Diode and LED polarity

Sorry, but how about a photo?

Sorry, but how about a photo?

Do you mean "build the circuit on a breadboard for me and take a photo".

Then you can hand in the photo at school and your assignment is done?

tell me how to do this!

What, exactly, are you wanting to do? 'Do this.' is rather ambiguous.

See here:

XY problem. Thinks he needs help reading but really needs help with using google.