How to control a 12v light with Arduino

I have a 12v taillight that I’m trying to control with an Arduino. How would I be able to turn it on and off while supplying 12v instead of 5? I’m using a 12v battery.

Although I am fairly new to the world of Arduino's and electronics, my plan of attach (although might not be the best plan of attack) for something like this would be with the Arduino controlling a Transistor (or transistors depending on the number of different circuits you are trying to control).

EDIT: depending on your current demands, there is also the option of a relay board that accepts low voltage (5v) triggers.

A relay or a MOSFET can be used to drive a high powered lamp.

An Arduino can control these relays and the MOSFETs.

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Hmmm, let's see.

A (traditional) taillight is 5 W so draws about 420 mA except that it takes more (800 mA?) at the moment of turning on.

The most practical way of controlling it depends on whether you can switch the negative side or - as in a car - the connection to the negative "ground" or "chassis" is fixed.

You can use this circuit just connect your light where the fig shows a motor

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