How to control a 150 - 220 V AC motor with arduino?

I am using this type of AC submerible pump with the Arduino.

As this pump generally works with 220v so how can I control it with Arduino? Is relay the only option? Also which type of realy will be okay to use with it.

Any help on how to effectively turn on and off the pump with arduino will be of great help

AS it is a single phase simple pump, a solid state relay, SSR , is perfect for the job. The relay can be controlled by an Arduino pin, just like you can turn a LED on and off. The SSR uses a LED internally to switch the AC on and off.
Be sure there is no sand or other contaminants that can get into the pump.
Do I see the maximum water lift is 1.85 meters? Will that be a problem?

Okay @Paul_KD7HB , thanks for the reply. I have this realy residing in my cabinet from a long time.

It is a 1 channel 5V realy module. As I am new to this area can you tell me is this one suitable to use. What are the reading written over this module: 7A 250V

I don't need the 1.85 metre height, I just have to shift the water to less height

Sure, that will work until it doesn't. Then you can use a SSR to replace it. Just keep your fingers away from the mains voltages when powered.

Okay, Paul. I will give it a try. Hope it works :joy:

By the way the readings on the realy signifies that I can control an appliance which uses upto 250 V and this realy will turn that into 5V so that it is compatible with the Micro controller

That is all true, but the circuit board traces may not handle the 250 VAC, which it the RMS value of the AC voltage. The PEAK voltage placed on the board traces is where the problem occurs. IT is 1.414 times the RMS voltage and is likely to arc between the traces.

Basically the pump is operated at 220 V. WIll it also cause a problem?

That is something you need to discover.

Okay. Juat a last question. WIll the whole componenets balst if the realy can't handle it :eyes:
I just want to be on the safer side :slight_smile:

No, you will just see smoke from the circuit board with the relay.

@Paul_KD7HB I just need another help.

Actually I am using a 12V Solenoid Valve. Its image is as follows:


I just want to transfer water from other tank using this valve. In my project I am using 02 water tanks (each of 10 Litre). You can think each one of them as water dispenser. At the end of one dispenser I have connected this valve so that whenever the first dispenser is about to fill then the arduino will open this valve and then the second water tank will be filled.

But I am having a lot of problem in doing so. When I apply a potential of 12V to the solenoid then it barely let the water go through it. At the inlet the pressure of water is very high but at the outlet the water flow is almost zero.

Circuit diagram is as follows:

Is there anything I am doing wrong ?? Can you please suggest a solenoid valve which just opens with a bare minium pressure so that when I open the valve, the water with the lowest pressure goes through it

Your valve is 12V and the 3 batteries together make 4x1.5=6V ? And batteries for feeding such a coil could be not powerfull enough.

This is just a representation. I am using a 12V DC adapter. Power supply is not an issue

Have you tried connecting your valve directly to the power supply, no FET or other components involved?

That solenoid valve is AC not DC.
What is the series resistance of it?

They are washing machine/dishwasher valves and are not designed for much flow, more to operate at mains water pressures.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

From the photos of the motor it looks like a regular cheapo BLDC pump, so presumably theres also a power converter in the unit. They tout the motor as 100% CCA winding (ie cheap-skate aluminium winding).

However I can't be sure. Yes, relay or SSR is probably the way to go.

@TomGeorge I have successfully run the valve with 12V DC power. I think this can work for both AC and DC. But I am not sure it works perfectly for AC (not tried that).

Don't know why water is coming out with very low pressure. Can you guys suggest a valve which will fullfill my needs?


How much pressure have you got, or do you mean flow?

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@TomGeorge I am using a submersible water pump which is providing a flow of 10 L/min to the inlet of the valve but at the outlet of the valve I am getting onlt 2-3 drops per second.

This is not the valve must do. It is supposed to make all of the water go pass through it whenever it is opened. In my case this is not happening. Can you guys suggest me any other valve?

You have the solenoid valve, none of us have it, so you must determine why you are having the problem, You state it works properly at 12 volts DC, so operate it directly, no Arduino, from 12 volts and see what flow you can get.