How to keep female-to-male jump wire in place of L298n


I want to control a DC motor via an L298n motor driver. Four of the input ports of this driver require a female jump wire, but when I stick them in they are very loose and quickly disconnect. How can I solve this problem? Are there other jump wires which would fit better?

Consider soldering the wires.

Show us a good image of the connector.

Here is a photo. So basically the diameter of the female port is just too big but I don't think there are different sizes diameter for these jump wires, are there?

Worst case I have to solder it but I feel like there should be a better solution for this...

If you are going to make this a hobby, look at making your own Dupont connectors:

Solder one end of a wire to the PCB head pin.

Add a Dupont male pin to the other end of that wire.

Now your connector (connection) is on the end of the wire rather than at the PCB.

There are JST (Japanese Solderless Terminals) available that are better quality.

They come in 1, 2, 3 and 4 wide.


You can add heat shrink tubing over the two connectors to keep them from coming apart.

You can buy sets of Dupont jumpers that are correctly sized for those header pins from Pololu.

If its making a good connection,

the only issue is it physically pulling out. SATA drive connectors have this problem too - its normally fixed by adding a bit of sellotape or hot melt glue.

In your case I'd use my trusty hot melt glue gun.

In your case I'd use my trusty hot melt glue gun.

+1 for the glue.

Tape normally works well for temporary non-permanent projects..
A blob of silicon sealant, or hot melt glue, for permanent projects.
Blue-tack as a very last resort.

Also, remove the hood (using a pin) and gently squeeze up the dupont connector if it is very loose.