how to make simple 4 channel transmitter

how to make simple 4 channel transmitter???
dont think that i have not checked youtube and web for this,i have done research on tihis but did not find anything because what i want to make is 4 buttons on a pcb board connected to jumper wires so i can connect them on my arduino uno
i searched a lot but did not find anything
please help!!!!

What’s a “4 channel transmitter” ?

4 channel transmitter is 4 buttons on a pcb connected to whatever you want to control,it can be wired or wireless through rf433 module but i want to make it wired and there nothing about anywhere

You could maybe try the PT2262/PT2272 chip pair. You may be able to just connect them using a data line (plus ground) instead of using wireless.
Another option for push button switches on a PCB with a single data line is to wire them with resistors and use analogRead to determine what has been pressed

i will try that, thank you

i want to make it wired and there nothing about anywhere

1 wire from each button to an Arduino pin and a common GND wire to Arduino GND. Wire the buttons to take the pin LOW when pressed

What else do you need to know ?

what i want to make is 4 buttons on a pcb board connected to jumper wires so i can connect them on my arduino uno

With that in mind just buy 4 tactile switch buttons and a prototype piece of PC board. A simple Google of "Sparkfun Protoboard" will get you plenty of hits as well as a Google of "Tactile Switch Buttons". These parts are common. If you want a wireless solution then Google "wireless relay board for something like this. That gives you 4 channels and a keyfob with 4 buttons. Wire things to whatever you wish.


Could you fix your link please?

If you have the typical 433 MHz transmitter it is only one channel so you wuold need four of them and select the channel in code or look for amulti channel 433 MHz radio which may exist. Having 4 buttons does't make it 4 channel because a 'channel' by definition implies a dedicate transmitter. If you have more than on channel then they must have unique frequencies or addresses.
Obviously, multiple channels with the same frequency would interfere with each other.

Keyfob 4-Button RF Remote Control

That's a 4-channel transmitter.
AFAIK, the OP has NOT posted a vendor link for
his transmitter OR a photo. As I said, you need a
4-Channel transmitter to do that. I have 433 MHz transmitters and they ALL have only ONE Data pin.

The RF signal needs to be modulated to get four channels on a single frequency transmitter. Mostly this consists of transmitting four tone, and then detecting these tones on the receiving side.
The received tones can be differentiated by using tone detector chips which are “just” PLL ( phased locked loops ). The trick is to not have a harmonic relationship between the tones.

thank you guys

can anybody tell me what will be the code for this because i have no idea

code for what ? We still don't know anything
about the radio you have (no photo, no vendor link).
How do you expect us to answer such a silly question ?

code for arduino uno to move the wheels in direction from the remote ideas you all gave me

code for arduino uno to move 4 motors in direction with the remote

You need to research it and write your own code.

Before you jump in and have wheels moving, you have to make the transmitter and receiver. Then test that the transmitter can send one of four codes and the receiver can receive it.

Only then do you try and make those code messages do something.

I would suggest that this project is too advanced for your current state of knowledge, and you start off by trying to learn how to code. A great way to do this would be to go through the examples in the IDE. Try them study them, make small changes to see how they work.

hi guys,i completed my sketch for the remote,if there should be any modifications in it, please do tell me